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You see my face in the picture above? Emotionless, right? I’m actually a little insane face-to-face, but when I’m trading, I’m completely void of emotion.


That’s because I know, just as you know, that emotion and trading don’t mix. But it doesn’t stop there. Emotion isn’t the only enemy of trading.
If you’re looking to make profitable trades, month after month, day after day, then this course is for you…

Because what I am teaching here is huge collection of cognitive biases – mostly unrelated to emotions – that will create destructive trades.

Behavior risk in trading isn’t a joke; it’s well documented in important several fields:

  1. Evolutionary psychology
  2. Behavioral finance
  3. Behavioral economics

Just in case you don’t know me, my name is Damon Verial. If you do know me, it’s probably from one of the following:


  1. My options trading newsletter that brings in 80% ROI month after month
  2. My articles on Seeking Alpha
  3. My YouTube channel on trading
  4. My other courses (e.g., my Market Crash course)
  5. My penchant for wearing sunglasses indoors and boots over my shoulder

Book Release in Taipei


Lying about being French on the Japanese news


Basically, traveling the world and taking pictures while making roughly one trade per day.

I run a real daily trades for myself and weekly trades for my newsletter subscribers… My gap trades on stocks have a 39% ROI and my options trades have an 80% ROI. To what do I attribute my ability to consistently beat the market? Understanding human psychology.


My understanding of my own and others’ psychologies have allowed me to live my dream lifestyle…


Your Journey to Conquering Your Own Cognitive Biases, Many of Which You Are Unaware

What I’m going to show you is completely different from what the other trading courses teach…

I’m showing you something that is hidden within your mind…

All you need to do to overcome these biases are outlined the following steps:

  1. Understand the biases
  2. Be aware of when the biases occur within your trading activities
  3. Use my methods to counter the biases
  4. Enjoy better trades

Even if you just overcome 10% of these biases, your trades will improve. After all, you will be competing with traders who do have those biases. And because trading is a zero-sum game, you’ll have the edge.


The more your beliefs overlap with the truth, the better a trader you’ll become.
I’m lucky to have a background in both psychology and statistics. I basically stumbled upon how cognitive biases lead to bad trading…

And because of this, I’ve been able to become a good trader faster than most…
Here’s the truth…
We all start with the same cognitive biases. The only question is whether you decide to confront them before trading

And it’s easier than you think – three steps to be precise:

Understanding -> Awareness -> Actively Avoiding Biases

Best of all, this course has nothing to do with your method of trading. It works for all types of traders and investors:

  1. Long-term investors in stock
  2. Day traders
  3. Options traders
  4. Fund investors
  5. Financial advisors
  6. FX traders
  7. ETF traders
  8. Trading coaches (helping your students overcome these biases is crucial)
  9. Bond investors
  10. Swing traders

How this course is works

1. Watch the introduction video

  1. Choose a behavioral risk bias (they are in no special order)
  2. Watch the video on that behavioral risk bias
  3. During your next trade, ask yourself, “Is this bias involved in this type of trade?”
  4. If the answer is “yes,” use the strategy I outlined in the video to overcome the bias


Though dozens of cognitive biases can potentially affect traders and investors, only about 30 are highly prevalent and highly dangerous. Thus, I created videos for each one of these biases so that you can finish the entire course in exactly one month if you watch one lecture per day…

When I was coaching my first students, I found that they all were affected by many of these biases…

That’s When It Hit Me…


I knew instantly that I have to show this to more people…

That’s one reason I created this course.

The other reason is that I’ve never seen a course on this subject before. Never. Zero. Rei. Ling.

That’s how ignorant the financial teaching industry is to human cognitive bias.

I have a personal goal this year to help 50 people beat the market. Thus, I am listing this course as a mandatory course for my students

I Call It, “Risk Management and Trading Psychology for Investors and Traders”

Inside, you’ll find a step by step video course in which I’ll be walking you through on how you can overcome the mental barriers to successful trading…

18371422 - glass globe with north america and business papers

The Curse of Knowledge

The Gambler’s Fallacy

17211929 - business market background with stock diagramm
18506754 - stock exchange

The Availability Bias

The Survival Bias

15332777 - businesswoman
18958828 - japanese candlestick chart with magnifying glass isolated over dark background

The Power of Belief

The Discounting Bias

12774013 - an image of a stock options process chart.
15187831 - stock market chart

The Myside Bias

Every Single One of Modules Has Been Created Systematically To Get You To Take Immediate Action…

There’s a reason why there’s so much buzz about this course…

It simply works and there’s no denying it.

The richest of all investors are all avoiding these very cognitive biases— and if you’re doing so yet… you’re going to lose out on the golden opportunity that is our new volatile market.


You Can Apply This & Make It Work For You…


If you’re skeptical about this, I understand…

But seriously — suppressing your cognitive biases for the short time it takes to plan a trade or investment isn’t difficult.

Just imagine if this course could spare you from a single bad trade. I don’t know how much is in your portfolio, but you can probably put a number on how much a bad trade will cost you.

I’ve previously lost $30,000 to a bad trade. And my mistake was falling prey to one of the biases I mention in my course. If I had only been cognizant of that bias while I was planning the trade, I would have saved myself 30k!

So Here’s The Deal…

I’m going to slash the price of my course from $179 to a special price until the date you see at the top of this letter…

I’m giving you a massive one-time only discount…

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A One-time $97 Investment with a 60-Day Money-back Guarantee:

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The price for this program will increase every 5 sales, so make sure to get your instant access now.

Still Skeptical?


I understand if you’re still skeptical about this…

I mean, the idea that our brains are working against us is a hard idea to grasp if you’re not from a background of evolutionary psychology…

If you’re still on the fence, here’s a few extra bonuses that I’m adding to convince you to be an action-taker…

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Master your stock trading skills with this comprehensive course from Damon Verial. Stock Trading 101 features 7 video lessons, which would typically be presented in a live seminar. But here, you can watch, listen, and absorb this quality content from the comfort of your home.

The aspects of trading stock are presented step-by-step. During your media-rich educational process, Damon will walk you through each section. You will learn what to do before you even open a trading account, specific stock-picking techniques such as fundamental and technical analysis, and even how to avoid the most common sources of loss.

This course has received insane rave reviews and you get this 100% free for being a student of my behavioral risk course.

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If you’re interested in making a stock or option trade but are on the fence, send me the ticker, and I’ll give you a full analysis. I get paid hundreds of dollars every month for fundamental and technical analyses, but I’m giving you one free stock critique as part of this course.

BONUS #3: Money Back Guarantee

I hope these bonuses are enough to convince you to jump on board…

These bonuses are worth nearly $200 by themselves — but you’re getting all of them for absolutely free.

If you’re still unsure, I’m offering 60 days for you to try this out…

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35191966 - 60 days money back gurantee

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 60 days, I will refund 100% of your money - no questions asked. Just email me at [email protected] and get every penny refunded. Does that sound fair enough?

So what are you waiting for?

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain…

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  5. 2 hours of phone coaching with me (divided into 20 or 30 minute sessions)

Trading Psychology Course


  1. 31-part video course
  2. Special invite to my Stock 101 course
  3. Personal critique of a stock you pick
  4. 60 days no-questions-asked money-back guarantee

The price for this program will increase every 5 sales, so make sure to get your instant access now.

Some Common Questions My Students Ask

How will I get the course?

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Are there any monthly charges or hidden fees?

Absolutely not. This is a one-time investment. You will gain lifetime access to my course. The course + coaching option is available for the limited time - my coaching fees will increase in the future.

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