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For frequent traders:

  • Active daily, except market holidays
  • Trades at market close: 3pm to 4pm EST


I am a scientific trader. I build my trades around statistical data and backtests, which are traditionally under-served and ignored by most traders.


Most traders simply do not have the coding or statistics background to find reliable short-term patterns in the stock market. I, however, run daily tests to find the best, most reliable patterns to trade at the interday level, thereby adding a faster, more frequent income source to my otherwise swing-trade focused portfolio. This chat room is for interday traders (i.e., for trades lasting less than 24 hours), not for swing traders (i.e., for trades of several days to several weeks). Swing traders should check out: The Gap Gameplan, Copy My Trades, and Exposing Earnings.


Why did I create this daily chat room?

I have been talking about opening this chat room for almost a year, ever since I found a reliable pattern in the NUGT. I delayed the project after the NUGT underwent a split that destroyed the strategy’s reliability. But I have found that the method still works on specific ETFs and stock. Because this is such a time-sensitive strategy, we need to talk about every day’s trade while the market is open (contrast this to Copy My Trades, which is sent out before the market opens). This means that you will need to be available at 3pm every day to trade this strategy. If you are incapable of trading at 3pm every day, I recommend you check out one of my other services, listed above.


Have a look at what intergap trading entails; our goal is to predict interday gaps, holding options overnight, selling the next day:

interday gap

I base these trades on an Markov chain model. Correspondingly, I have written the model's algorithm to accurately predict the interday gap as well as the post-gap movement. When the algorithm predicts an interday gap, we buy options before the gap and hold until the algorithm shows a reversal. If the gap does not appear, we consult the algorithm for whether to hold or close.


This means that some trades are more than overnight. Trades that cover two or three days can still be profitable. In other words, if the algorithm’s prediction is delayed but not wrong, we still profit:


To reduce the risk of theta decay, we can use ratio spreads instead of pure long options:


Positions can be held longer, if needed. As long as the algorithm shows a strong prediction, we can continue holding until the algorithm says to sell:


Urgent Notice: I am limiting membership to 9 traders.

My priority with this service is to keep it small. Once we hit 9 traders, I will temporarily shut down registration, later raising prices upon reopening registration so that we can grow slowly – so that I can ensure I can meet everyone’s needs in the short 1-hour-period we have each day. If we grow, I will raise the price of the service at $50 to $100 at a time, with earlier subscribers locking in their original prices.


Who Should Join?

In a nutshell, those who fulfill the following criteria should join:

  1. Can trade from 3pm to 4pm.
  2. Have a relatively high risk appetite.
  3. Brokerage allows the trading of options.


At this point, registration is now open. If you want to join, all you have to do is subscribe by clicking the button below:

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More on the Interday Trading Chat Room

  • Ideally, trades will be opened and closed within 24 hours but can sometimes be extended, as shown in the examples above.
  • These are not round-trip trades. In other words, you do not need the $25,000 required for frequent day trading as per SEC rules. This is the advantage of buying at market close and is also how the strategy differs from day trading.
  • Strict no-refund policy. Please only join if you know you’ll stay and participate.
  • At the outset, we will use Google Hangouts so that I can share my screen and images with you, if needed.
  • If everyone finishes the main trade before the 1 hour is up, we can discuss other trades, and I can take your requests for immediate analyses (gaps, seasonality, valuations, etc.)
  • I prefer traders who are relatively seasoned and low-maintenance. Of course, I will do my best to help new traders, but usually the better choice for a new trader is Verial University, which will bring you up to speed on the basic skills needed before transitioning to a trading career.
  • Feel free to send me any questions you have before signing up for the chat room.


Registration is $250 per month for the first 9 traders. Register below.

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