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Time: 60 minutes

Presentor: Damon Verial


Traders win when they use systems based on statistically valid trading strategies. To gain such a system, you either need to spend time and money on research or learn a system from someone who has already done so.


In Damon Verial's The Gap Gameplan Webinar, Damon provides a novel trading strategy that taps into the power of price gaps. If you have been wanting a way to leverage the volatility that comes after a price gap, this webinar is your game-changer. Stop ignoring price gaps and start taking advantage of them. Get a competitive advantage in the market with this novel system.

  • Gain a trading system that works after price gaps.
  • Learn of technical indicators that can give you bullish/bearish predictions of up to 91% accuracy.
  • Boost your ROI by trading breakaway gaps, area gaps, and leveraging stock options.